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Reach breakthroughs faster with SMART Board Interactive Displays & Software

Technology for anywhere people share ideas

Reach breakthroughs faster with SMART Board Interactive Displays & Software

Technology for anywhere people share ideas

Technology so advanced it’s simple

Write. Touch. Swipe. Pinch. SMART interactive displays, whiteboards and collaboration software are so easy to use, they’re second nature.

SMART Collaboration Technologies

The SMART Visual Collaboration Solution delivers unparalleled content interaction, anytime, anywhere, in an unbound workspace. SMART software coupled with the most extensive range of touch-enabled interactive displays to enrich collaboration sessions and keep every participant engaged. Discover the touch-enabled interactive displays and powerful software applications that will take your organisation to the fourth dimension of collaboration.

The Interactive Display Reimagined

The only multi-way, interactive display that combines the simplicity of a traditional whiteboard with the power of an Ultra HD display.

Interactive Displays for Education

From the original SMART Board to SMART kapp iQ, our displays have transformed education.

Education Software

SMART Learning Suite, including SMART Notebook, makes lessons hands-on learning experiences.

Interactive Displays for Business

Brainstorm ideas, write from afar or Skype in. Whatever you need to do, SMART can help.

SMART Solutions For Education

Unparalleled collaborative experience When multiple students contribute to projects at the same time, interpersonal skills, creativity and confidence grow.

SMART Learning Suite Software

Engage students. Empower teachers Spark student engagement with game-based activities, formative assessments and the SMART Notebook® lessons teachers love.

SMART Solutions for Enterprise

Nowadays information flows through walls and across borders at the speed of light. When opportunity knocks, businesses all over the world use SMART to bring teams together.

SMART Solutions for Government

First-responders, government departments and military leadership rely on SMART to connect people with vital information worldwide.

SMART Learning Suite

Interactive course content that engages
SMART Learning Suite engages learners in millions of classrooms and meeting rooms around the world.

SMART Meeting Pro

Unbound workspaces for limitless collaboration
This SMART Board workspace expands as your team adds files, links and notes, so there is unlimited room for big ideas.

Lumio by SMART

With interactive lessons, game-based activities, collaboration tools and formative assessments, Lumio is designed to engage students in class, at home or a blend of both.

SMART TeamWorks

Plan. Collaborate. Recap.
Empowering your team with dynamic collaboration tools helps boost productivity and inspire breakthroughs.

SMART Remote Management

Any Device. Any Location
SMART Remote Management lets education and business administrators maintain, control and secure devices from any web browser.

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From installation to mastering software, we’ve curated some of our best learning materials from across SMART and put it all in one place to get you going quickly.

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SMART interactive displays, whiteboards, and video conferencing systems are global collaboration hubs where innovative ideas are born, big decisions are made.