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Book, run and wrap up meetings on time

The universal truths of modern offices are that everyone spends too much time in meetings. And there are never enough meeting rooms. We may not be able to do much about the number of meetings. But our meeting room technology solutions can help get meetings started on time, up and running quickly, and wrapped up efficiently.

Find and book the room you need

Whether it’s for a scheduled meeting or an impromptu discussion that needs a quiet space, staff can quickly find an available room. An integrated room booking system lets anyone find an appropriate room for their meeting and book it from their desk. Door panels allow everyone to see at a glance if a room is free. Free up unused rooms by setting check-in requirements to release the room if the meeting does not go ahead as planned.

Get meetings up and running quickly

Teams will love the automation that has the technology ready before the meeting starts. Turn up and start the meeting without spending the first ten minutes finding the right cable, or waiting for screens to reboot. Switch presenters easily and seamlessly, and adjust from presentation to meeting mode at one touch. If someone else needs the room, your interactive panel can save work automatically so you can pack up quickly, and the next meeting can start on time.

Unleash the best ideas

Boring meetings could be a thing of the past once you add interactive technology to your meeting rooms. No more death by PowerPoint. Take brainstorming to the next level when you connect your whiteboard to the cloud and let your whole team participate – whether they’re in the room or online. Add, edit, amend and save your work instantly. No great idea need ever be lost, wiped out, or written over ever again.

Engage with staff, wherever they are

It’s easy for colleagues working remotely to find team meetings frustrating. If they can’t follow the discussion clearly or see the screen properly, they may not feel involved. Integrated video conferencing, professional audio and screen sharing technology make it easy for everyone to participate. Whether they’re working from home, in a remote office or on the road, your team can join in from any device. They can share screens, collaborate on documents and contribute their ideas.

Manage your meeting spaces efficiently

We know meeting space is valuable in every organisation, so you need to be sure that space set aside for meetings is being used effectively. Wireless technologies make it simple to reconfigure rooms quickly. And reduce the risk of cables being pulled out, tripped over or otherwise causing a hazard. Utilisation reports from our room booking solutions let you see clearly when and how meeting rooms are being used so you know what is working, and what needs to change.

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