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Technology solutions for huddle spaces

Collaborate wherever you choose

Like most of our clients, you probably need to make the most effective use of your workspace. The flexibility and adaptability offered by huddle space technology mean teams are no longer tied to traditional meeting rooms. Whether they need to review content, plan projects, or solve problems, your people can get together for quick catch-ups, and collaborate easily and effectively wherever suits them.

Catch-ups can be quick

No more having to find, book and move everyone into an available meeting room. Or being kicked out before you’ve finished. Simply walk up to the huddle space, connect and display your data from a mobile phone, tablet or computer – without spending the first ten minutes searching for the right cable. Multi-display solutions for huddle spaces allow you to easily swap between users, even people working remotely. So you can make the most efficient use of your team’s meeting time.

Join in from anywhere

Checking in with a colleague in another office or working remotely is easy with our huddle space solutions. Add video conferencing technology and teams can even work together on the same documents, marking up and reviewing content or planning projects together in real-time. Our huddle room technology can link with your existing video conferencing platform, or we can advise on a solution to suit your needs.

Follow your ideas wherever they lead

Brainstorm in 3D with interactive displays that let ideas flow. Take the power of the whiteboard to sketch and map out ideas. Draw, erase, you already know how that works. Then add on layers of images, notes, text, video and amend as your ideas change. All members of the team can see the display in real-time from their screens – wherever they are.

Start working on your plan straight away

Whiteboards are a fantastic way to explain a problem, collate suggestions and map out a plan. Until the end of the meeting when someone has to photograph, decipher and transcribe it all. Not anymore. Once you’ve filled the display with your great ideas, simply save and share everything online.

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