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Take control of critical situations

Operation and control rooms equipped for high-pressure situations

Control room systems robust enough for emergency services, major transport links or international newsrooms, need to power up quickly and keep communications running. We build control centre technology that can handle vast streams of data. It allows you to switch focus quickly to monitor fast-moving situations and spreading emergencies.

Get essential information fast

Before you can respond to an emergency, you need to know what’s going on. And that requires a communications system that can process large amounts of data. Get information up on a large screen fast, switch data sources quickly to focus on a location, or keep a watchful eye over extensive areas. From responding to rapidly unfolding natural disasters, monitoring large-scale security situations, or managing a transport system with thousands of moving parts. We can design a control room system to deliver the information you need to understand the situation and respond.

Collaborate on the most complex of situations

Video conferencing technology can help you stay connected to remote teams and networked centres anywhere in the world. Add digital display technology and you can share information and get your whole team working together in real time, no matter where they are. Or control room technology can help support 24-hour operations by making it easy for local teams to take over and keep critical information sources up to date.

Simple and intuitive operation

Allow response teams to focus on responding to the situation, not figuring out the technology. Our systems connect wirelessly and are simple to operate. Switching presenters is seamless and lighting, screens and blinds can be adjusted with one touch thanks to fully integrated systems.

Our control room technology providers

We’ve teamed up with technology market leaders to help you design control and operations rooms to respond to any situation.

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