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Audio visual technology for outstanding public spaces

First impressions count

Equip your public spaces with audio visual technology to help clients find you, let them get to know you, and leave a lasting impression. Create a stunning visual backdrop and share information and stories with your visitors. Add professional audio to complete the warm welcome. Interactive digital signage and sign-in systems let you welcome your visitors, and register them quickly and easily.

Keep your visitors informed

Help visitors find their way and direct them to where they need to go – for appointments, meetings or events. Our wayfinding technology and client-facing displays help you give visitors the information they need today. That could be updates about current events, health and safety information, or the latest news about your business. Sign-in systems also make it easy to register who is onsite – for health and safety reasons or to help you understand visitor trends.

Share your stories and insights

Your public spaces can be a powerful channel to help visitors get to know your company and people before they meet you. Stunning quality display screens and professional audio will showcase all your content. Choose whether you display still images, slides or infographics, video or audio presentations. Whichever is the best way to share your insights, introduce your people or tell your stories.

Create the perfect environment

Don’t forget about your smaller public spaces. We don’t just provide grand foyer displays. We can also work with you to set the right tone for welcoming reception spaces and public rooms. Professional quality audio can help create warmth and atmosphere. You can also choose pink noise or other solutions to help with sound masking and privacy.

Share news and updates with staff

Control systems make it easy to set up separate channels to display information, so you can select appropriate content for different audiences. Choose whether the information is relevant for your visitors, or whether to display it on internal screens to engage and inform your staff.

Enterprise-grade technology for your public space audio visual solutions

We’ve teamed up with technology market leaders to help you create a lasting impression in your public spaces.

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