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Technology for contemporary training spaces

Do you have a dedicated training room? Or do your meetings rooms also need to serve as a training space? Whatever your training room technology needs, we can help you create a powerful learning space. With wireless flexibility, impressive presentation systems and interactive technologies, our integrated training room technology sets the scene for training programs to suit any learning style. Video conferencing and simple screen sharing bring the experts to you – from anywhere.

Easily adapt to different learning needs

No longer do training rooms need to be one-style-fits-all. Wireless, plug-and-play technologies mean your training space can be adapted to any learning model and suit any style. Quickly shift from a presentation format to breakout huddles, present on one screen or share to users’ screens. Reach the whole room for a plenary session, or multiple parallel sessions for smaller groups.

Ready for you to step up and present

Wireless presentation technology lets trainers present from any device and share to any screen. No more juggling USB sticks and waiting for presentations to load, or struggling with device compatibility. Free your trainers from the lecture podium or screen at the front of the room, and training sessions can become much more dynamic and engaging. Switch easily and seamlessly between applications so you can use all available resources to support your team’s learning.

Make learning interactive

You know effective learning requires much more than sitting and listening to a presentation. Screen-sharing, content sharing and displays mean the possibilities for interactive learning are now limited only by your imagination. Instead of one presenter, sessions can involve all participants sharing their ideas and experiences. Groups can collaborate on documents or build models and put their learning into practice in real-time.

On-demand training anywhere

Training opportunities need not be limited by budget, schedules or restrictions on travel. State-of-the-art audio visual technology lets trainees and trainers interact from anywhere in the world. Use our integrated audio visual technologies to record training sessions or build interactive training modules so teams can schedule their learning whenever suits them.

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