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Adaptable and integrated boardroom technology

Superb presentation meets supreme flexibility

Your boardroom may be your most important meeting space. It may also be one of the most used – for internal meetings, important stakeholder conferences as well as executive meetings. We understand your boardroom setup needs to be utterly reliable, offer superior presentation quality, and allow you to quickly and easily reconfigure your meeting space.

Technology to present information clearly

Tailor your boardroom av technology to suit the types of data, preferred format and presentation style your executive team requires. Choose from state-of-the-art display screens, interactive technology and multi-display solutions that make it easy to present from any device. Combine with seamless video integration so your decision-makers can access the information they need – anywhere in the world.

Smart solutions help meetings run on time

Audio visual technology that can be turned on automatically and ready to go before the meeting starts helps make the most of executive meeting time. Wireless solutions mean presenters can turn up and share their screen – no more juggling cables or loading up presentations. Control system integration lets you adjust blinds, lights, projectors and display screens at a touch.

When it absolutely has to work

When the senior executives have flown in for a critical meeting, you can’t afford to leave them waiting when the audio visual technology fails. Now you can be confident your technology will work when you need it. Our boardroom integrations rely on enterprise-grade hardware, enable remote monitoring and automated system alerts. We also offer technical support, comprehensive preventative maintenance and hot-swap replacement packages for added peace of mind.

Flexible solutions make reconfiguring boardrooms simple

Whether you have a dedicated board space, or you need your boardroom to do double duty for client and team meetings as well, you’ll love the flexibility of our wireless solutions. Moving furniture and reconfiguring the space is much simpler when you don’t need to juggle cables and connectors. Display screens and projectors that retract discreetly make your boardroom a clean, uncluttered and versatile space.

Our boardroom technology providers

We work with technology market leaders to bring you superb, flexible and reliable boardroom audio visual solutions.

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