Integrate AV

The leading 3D printers in Education offer the easiest setup experience with no tinkering required.

Why Educators Choose MakerBot

The easiest-to-use 3D printer package designed with both educators and students in mind.

Standards-aligned lesson plans and the only comprehensive ISTE-certified 10-hour 3D printing and curriculum creation training included.

A seamless, classroom-ready workflow includes Print from Tinkercad™ and Google Chromebook integrations for easy 3D printing across multiple devices.

Flexible Printer Setup

The SKETCH platform supplies you with what you need to integrate 3D printing into the new school year successfully — whether that’s back in the classroom or teaching from home.

MakerBot CloudPrint

Bringing you MakerBot CloudPrint – an entirely new way for teachers and students to collaborate and share access to MakerBot 3D printers – even when learning remotely. All of the benefits of our easy to use MakerBot Print software made available online.

Industrial 3D Printing for every engineer

Next-Generation desktop 3D printing platform that delivers manufacturing-grade parts with advanced engineering materials.