SMART Board MX Series

SMART Board MX . Powerfully Simple

The key to collaborative learning

Teachers want simplicity, and the SMART Board MX delivers. Easily connect devices, content and learning experiences, both in and out of the classroom. And with a SMART Board that’s easy to deploy and support, you achieve return on your technology investment and a lower total cost of ownership.

Interactivity made easy

With industry-leading touch, digital ink and personalisation features, the SMART Board MX is an investment in seamless interactivity that you can count on for years to come. And an incredibly easy user experience means minimal training time and tech support.

Free Learning Software

iQ Embedded Computing

SMART Ink software

Simultaneous Tool Differentiation

ENERGY STAR certified

Built-in Android, redesigned for the K-12 classroom

No computer needed. iQ, powered by Android, puts each teachers’ personalised tools, content, OneDrive and Google Drive files right where they need them and saves clicks at every point in a lesson. Whether using the whiteboard’s education tools, templates and activities, interacting with student devices, accessing the internet or bringing in content, iQ gives teachers everything they need to create and deliver interactive lessons more quickly, easily and effectively.

Ink anywhere, on any file type

Best in class whiteboard

SMART’s best-in-class annotation experience isn’t just limited to a whiteboard. SMART Ink software puts annotations where you want them, write into any web browser, and the ink stays even when teachers navigate away.

Annotate and mark up familiar file types. Write into PDFs and Microsoft Office files, then save your notes in almost any file type. Move, copy/paste and erase notes or even convert them to text, without needing to change pens or turn on new tool settings each time you want to ink. All without an overlay or special ink mode.

Connect any learning environment

Connect content, devices and learning experiences in and out of class, for flexible sharing and collaboration. SMART Board MX series interactive displays provide one streamlined, continuous platform for lesson delivery, interactivity and engagement, empowering teachers with a far reach and meaningful methods for blended and remote learning for students.
Connect to any learning environment


Offers an immersive multimedia solution – connects students, devices and lesson content into unified learning experiences.
Features exclusive in-built educational tools and templates streamlined into a simple design.
Promotes student engagement through easy-to-access manipulatives and activities.
Includes personalisation features and customisable teacher tools.
Features technology that simplifies lesson delivery for remote and blended learning.
Expedites wireless screen casting, or sharing for multiple devices through in built technology.

  • App-free wireless screen sharing – SMART already offers the ability to natively share content via Miracast, Chromecast & Airplay without requiring an app to be installed on the device. SMART’s native Miracast wireless sharing includes touchback for Windows.

  • SMART screen share supports up to four devices with a live preview of each device whereas AirServer on the Android platform only supports one. This is behind industry standards

  • SMART gives the customer choice of both native screen sharing and also using a network app. This ensures a robust solution and success in all environments with a mixture of network hardware. Limiting the customer to native sharing only has risk and will require additional support resources from the department to schools
  • Interactivity – SMART hardware provides an additional layer of interactivity over wirelessly shared content:
    • Screen annotations over all shared content with the ability to save the content and annotations
    • Touchback on Windows and Mac devices
  • Ongoing development – SMART are constantly evolving our wireless screen sharing in line with customer requirements. Significant additional functionality will come online later this year that will be built into SMART displays. SMART are happy to provide details of this to the NSW Dept of Education under an NDA agreement.
  • Certainty – SMART will ensure that their embedded IQ experience is always compatible with the latest operating system from Android


Shout it Out

Monster Quiz

Connect student devices for more meaningful learning

Let students share from up to four student-connected devices using device-agnostic, app free or app-based screen sharing. Use Miracast™ or the screen share app for touchback to Windows & Mac computers.
Engage every student with Shout it Out, which allows them to contribute ideas and images from their devices.
Go beyond screen mirroring. Share whiteboards and lessons to student devices, so every student can navigate content and see clearly whether they’re in or out of the classroom. Teachers can toggle the shared lesson from teacher-paced to student-paced and back again, anytime.
Get content that makes critical thinking fun and engaging. Student devices become the key to collaborative formative assessment with Monster Quiz.

Supports Windows and Mac

Get the full SMART Board experience, including 20 points of touch and digital ink with any connected Windows or Mac computer across web browsers, files and applications.

Superior interaction with Chrome OS

When connected to a Chrome OS device, teachers can access the Google Play Store and their apps at the display. Interact intuitively: use gestures, ink over content, and enjoy automatic pen recognition touch and palm erase in supported Chrome OS applications.

All your apps and access to cloud storage

Open documents from OneDrive and Google Drive right on your SMART Board. Teachers can easily search for and download their favorite apps from the app store, including popular apps like WPS Office and Zoom, with less work for administrators. Administrators can also easily push out any app to all displays via SMART Remote Management or MDM software.

Easier management and interaction with connected devices

Plug in multiple computers and video inputs to your SMART Board MX. A live input preview allows for easy, intelligent switching between inputs, and convenience ports make it easy to connect devices – no more searching the back of your SMART Board, hunting for cables, plugging or unplugging devices. Plus, get SMART’s world-leading digital ink and annotations and interactive widgets like spinners, timers and clocks on all your plugged-in inputs, including laptops, document cameras and DVD players.

Bigger, better videoconferencing

Engage students wherever they are. Keep remote learners connected with screen sharing, inking, whiteboards and lesson delivery tools. SMART displays work with UVC webcams, Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams and more. Deliver lessons while sharing screens in these applications, and enhance them with digital ink and tools like spotlights to focus students’ attention.

Powerful teaching tools and content included

No subscription required. Your SMART Board MX gives you built-in iQ Android computing, award-winning software and interactive teaching tools. Lead the class with tools for student contribution, advanced annotation software and teacher-created content.

SMART Ink annotation software

Built-in whiteboard & education content

SMART Notebook basic version

Create and deliver rich, interactive lessons

Enhance lessons on the fly with ready-made whiteboard templates, graphic organisers, manipulatives, widgets and interactive activities. Keep learning lively with features like infinite cloning, text editing and 3D objects, and subject-specific tools like creative pens, equation editor and math tools. Use built-in student attention tools like spotlight and magic pen to help keep students’ focus where you need it, especially while video conferencing.

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Specifications:   55″ 65″ 75″ 86″
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