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Stay Healthy and Collaborative in the Classroom

with ClassroomCare Interactive Flat Panel

Built-In ClassroomCare Technologies

Creating collaborative, efficient and healthy learning environments

ClassroomCare interactive flat panels act as the catalyst for effortless and productive learning, promoting better results and encouraging new ideas. With guaranteed BenQ quality and after-sales support, intuitive and user-friendly designs allows for easy management of technology and content. BenQ helps reshape classroom technology by safeguarding health and providing interactive tools students and teachers love to use. Dependable and safe, ClassroomCare screens usher a new age of learning.

Safeguard teachers and students’ health in the classroom

Protect teachers and students’ from the harm of bacteria, blue light, screen flicker and poor air circulation that can hinder quality education outcomes.

Germ-resistant screens ensure fun and good ideas are the only thing sharing in the classroom

BenQ IFPs use multilayer germ-resistant screens with active compounds backed by the latest medical science. All ingredients are guaranteed non-toxic and made to last over years of reliable use. The nano-ionic silver coating kills most bacteria, viruses, and fungi that build up on screens.

This protection persists even with repeated cleaning, preventing the spread of harmful germs and guarding the health of students and teachers. With official TUV certification, BenQ IFPs meet the standards of one of the most stringent international quality inspection organisations. Lasting the life of the product, BenQ IFP protective layers make sure collaborative classrooms maximise their educational potential rather than get distracted by health concerns.

ClassroomCare Interactive Flat Panel

See clearly from any position with Smart Eye-Care Technology

As educational technology continues to focus more on interactive screens, it’s imperative to safeguard student and teacher vision. Extended exposure to blue light, screen flicker, and reflections causes eye strain and may even damage eyesight. BenQ IFPs feature low blue light, flicker-free, and glare-resistant screens as part of a total commitment to eye care.


Low Blue Light


Air Quality Sensors

Monitor ventilation and maintain student concentration

Classrooms affected by poor air quality and high CO₂ levels hamper learning and educational performance, affecting concentration and even presenting prolonged health concerns. To combat this, BenQ IFPs with dedicated air sensors inform teachers whenever air quality becomes problematic, and offers recommended steps to take to alleviate the situation. With BenQ, the modern digital classroom ensures the key takeaway for students is education, not health problems.

Unlock limitless collaboration for remote and blended learning

Designed for in-class collaboration as well as remote learning, ClassroomCare Interactive Flat Panel features intuitive digital whiteboarding, online collaboration and wireless presentation tools, helping to facilitating teamwork, brainstorming, illustrating ideas and recording notes.

User-friendly interactive touchscreens make learning flow

BenQ Launcher empowers digital whiteboards with uninterrupted learning

To ensure truly uninterrupted learning for students, BenQ ClassroomCare products with BenQ Launcher make it simple and quick for teachers to initiate lessons. BenQ Launcher gathers useful tools all in one convenient portal, including the EZWrite whiteboard app and numerous input sources, all available at a touch and without any lengthy account login requirements. Additionally, BenQ Launcher includes the SwitchQ multitasker, helping teachers swiftly switch apps and input sources.

Personalise interactive display workspaces with Account Management System (AMS)

BenQ IFPs support multi-account management and are compatible with NFC technology, which allows you to directly access and manage personal system settings, network drives, and cloud storage via Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, and others. ClassroomCare products provide three ways to log in to personalised workspaces: simply scan a BenQ-designed NFC card without having to enter a password, scan a QR code, or manually input a username and password.

Fast, seamless collaboration in real time – anywhere

Collaborate and annotate wherever you may be via the cloud

Packed with user-friendly features, BenQ EZWrite 5 software is the leading annotation solution for interactive and collaborative classroom scenarios. Teachers and students enjoy enhanced interactivity by using EZWrite Cloud Whiteboard to collect, categorise, edit, and share notes between an IFP and mobile devices, encouraging “bring your own device” flexibility – and promoting individual creativity.

InstaShare app
Content mirroring and collaboration goes both ways

Reliable and intuitive wireless collaboration

The InstaShare software suite is specially designed for easy yet comprehensive wireless presentation and collaboration. It allows smooth streaming of full HD video, audio, images, and text. Users can mirror and control all digital content across different devices, including BenQ IFP, PCs, tablets, and smartphones, empowering contributors to enrich their presentations with a variety of multimedia resources.

Hassle-free cloud display management, anywhere

With the unique cloud-based display management tools, school IT administrators can easily manage display setup, deployment and troubleshooting anytime, anywhere.

Account Management System simplifies IFP account and cloud storage supervision

Efficient account management

BenQ AMS provides a clear and intuitive user interface for IT managers to import and manage multiple user accounts to and from the cloud.

One-touch, single-step NFC setup

Forget complicated and even risky setup processes. With BenQ AMS, link new users to an account with speed and simplicity – all while retaining maximum security.

Trouble-free display management

Device info and control

Remotely take charge of your displays with DMS Cloud. Completely online, it’s an effective way to lower ownership costs and energy usage while simplifying daily IT operations.

Manage your apps

Install Android apps on displays through our cloud server. DMS Cloud is designed to save you the hassle of complicated software setups, paving the way for quick and scalable app downloads.

Over the air (OTA) updates

Get the latest features and improvements to your IFP with auto firmware version updates through the internet. No USB sticks, no clunky searching for files: it’s all done for you.

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