SMART Technologies for Government


Interactive displays and software for training and decision-making

Global collaboration hubs for government

First-responders, government departments and military leadership rely on SMART to connect people with vital information worldwide.


Get everyone on the same page, fast


Prepare teams anywhere for anything

Command & Control

Speed up planning and deployment

Explore SMART Interactive Displays

SMART Board 7000R Pro series with iQ

Where breakthroughs happen
SMART’s premiere interactive displays boost productivity and encourage collaboration using all sorts of devices. The most precise touch experience lets your team modify on-screen content with pens and fingertips.

SMART Board 6000S series with iQ

Put more heads together SMART’s most popular model speeds up decision-making. When remote teams are able to view, change and discuss documents as if they were in the same room, better decisions are made, faster.

SMART Board MX Pro series with iQ

All the essentials With an integrated digital whiteboard, web browser and easy screen sharing, MX series has all of the essentials colleagues need for planning, strategising and brainstorming. Even better, it’s easy on your IT budget.

SMART Podium 624

Deliver dynamic presentations Compact interactive pen display with touch that lets speakers add notes and illustrations to presentations, while projecting to a large display.

Explore Business Products

SMART interactive displays, whiteboards, and video conferencing systems are global collaboration hubs where product ideas are born, big decisions are made, and businesses plot the future of entire industries.

SMART Meeting Pro

Unbound workspaces for limitless collaboration

This SMART Board workspace expands as your team adds files, links and notes, so there is unlimited room for big ideas.

SMART TeamWorks

Plan. Collaborate. Recap.
Empowering your team with dynamic collaboration tools helps boost productivity and inspire breakthroughs.

SMART Remote Management

Any Device. Any Location
SMART Remote Management lets education and business administrators maintain, control and secure devices from any web browser.
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