SMART Learning Suite Features

Smart Learning Suite Features backed by 30 years of education expertise

Below are several ways SMART Learning Suite empowers you to create dynamic, engaging lessons. Whether you’re building from scratch or leveraging content you already have in other file formats, SMART Learning Suite makes it easy to add interactivity and collaboration to every lesson.

Transform static content into interactive lessons

Transform PowerPoint and PDF files into interactive content – Forget about file conversions, with SMART Learning Suite Online you can import your existing PowerPoint and PDFs files and add interactive content like activities, assessments and collaborative workspaces.
Turn content into interactive individual handout activities – Upload your PowerPoint, PDF and SMART Notebook files to SMART Learning Suite Online and instantly convert any of the pages to an interactive independent handout activity. When students receive the lesson on their devices, they can start the activity and use tools to interact with the content.
Turn content into interactive individual handout activities – In SMART Learning Suite Online, you can instantly convert any page from a PowerPoint, PDF, or SMART Notebook file into a collaborative workspace where students can co-create by adding content (e.g. ink, images, links, text) from their devices.
Import content from other applications – SMART Notebook (Windows only) comes with Print Drivers that let you send content from other applications (e.g. PDFs, Microsoft Office) to SMART Notebook or the SMART Cloud. Each page of your document will convert to an individual page.
  • Send to SMART Notebook opens a copy of the document in SMART Notebook
  • Send to SMART Cloud sends your document to the SMART Learning Suite Online lesson library, and gives you the option to send it to your SMART Board with iQ or to create a web link that you can share with others

Game-based learning

Activity templates – With more than 10 game-based activity templates – including matching, sorting, ranking, flipping – and multiple themes to choose from, SMART Learning Suite gives you endless ways to engage students.
Team-based activity templates – In Monster Quiz, students answer questions from their devices and when everyone on their team gets all the answers right, their monster hatches. The team whose monster hatches first wins! In Game Show, teams work together to answer questions either at the display or from their devices. The team that gets the most answers right wins!
Incorporating student devices – Whether your classroom includes phones, tablets or computers, students can contribute from any device to game-based activities at the SMART Board. You can also send activities to student devices, so they can review and complete them at their own pace.

Formative assessment

Response assessments – To assess understanding during or right after a lesson, SMART Learning Suite provides a variety of assessment types including multiple choice, short answer and true/false questions that students answer from their devices. Class progress appears in real time at the display, so you can review questions with the class during or after the assessment is complete. Students see their individual results on their devices. You can also export results for your records.
Baselines and quick checks – Using Shout It Out, students can send text or images to the SMART Board so you can get a baseline on what the class already knows about a subject or do a quick check for understanding during a lesson.
Team-based assessments – For a fun, interactive way to check for understanding of lesson content, break the class into teams and have them work together to answer questions from their devices in Monster Quiz. Once the quiz is over, you can instantly review class results while students follow along with their individual results on their devices.

Lesson preparation

Work on SMART Learning Suite lessons at home – With an active subscription to SMART Learning Suite, you can use SMART Notebook software on the computer in your classroom and on your computer at home. How you activate the full version of SMART Notebook on your home computer depends on the method used to activate SMART Notebook – by SMART account email or by product key. Learn more. SMART Learning Suite Online is accessible anywhere, including at home, from any web-enabled device.
Create content online – SMART Learning Suite Online includes the ability to create new game-based activities and assessments using the activity creation wizard, or leverage existing lesson content such as SMART Notebook, PDFs and PowerPoint files and add game-based activities, assessments and collaborative workspaces.
Record your lesson – SMART Notebook Recorder allows you to record your lesson, so students can replay it to learn at their own pace, inside or outside of class.

Collaborative learning

Shared workspaces – Add a collaborative workspace activity to your SMART Learning Suite Online lesson by converting an existing page to a workspace either before class or on the fly. Students can work together on a shared digital canvas to co-create, add content and problem solve – inside or outside of class.
Team-based activities – Quickly and easily add subject specific team-based activities like Monster Quiz and Game Show to your lessons using the activity creation wizard. In Monster Quiz, students answer questions from their devices, but only when they work together so everyone on their team gets all the answers right does their monster hatch. In Game Show, teams work together to answer questions either at the display or from their devices.
Brainstorming activities – Using the Shout It Out activity, students can send text and images from their devices to the SMART Board and then rearrange, organize, discuss and debate the contributions at the display.

Interactive lesson delivery

Send lessons directly to your SMART Board – Send your lesson from SMART Notebook directly to your classroom’s SMART Board with iQ, even if you create it at home. Once you share, it automatically appears on the SMART Board in Notebook Player.
Control lessons from a mobile device – Using the free SMART Notebook Player app, you can circulate in the classroom while maintaining control of your lesson on the SMART Board. Simply download the app, share your lesson to any SMART Board with iQ and run it from your mobile device. Download the app For SMART Board displays without iQ, the SMART Notebook Maestro add-on lets you control and interact with lessons from an iPad anywhere in the classroom.
Share entire lessons with any student device – SMART Learning Suite Online lets you share a copy of your entire lesson to student devices enabling a variety of delivery methods – front of room, small group, project-based, individual and collaborative. Shared lessons can be delivered in teacher-paced mode or student-paced mode.
Teacher-paced and student-paced delivery – Once you’ve shared a lesson to student devices, you can deliver it in teacher-paced mode where you control the content and activities students see on their devices, or you can switch on the fly to student-paced delivery where they can explore the lesson and complete activities at their own pace using tools on their device.
Facilitate on-the-fly brainstorming – Instantly add a Shout It Out activity, so students can send text and images from their devices to the SMART Board. The contributions can then be rearranged, organized discussed and debated the at the display.

Student device integration

Review entire lessons – You can send an entire lesson to student devices using SMART Leaning Suite Online so they can review it and complete activities at their own pace.
Complete assessments – Students can answer questions right from their devices, so you can assess understanding in real-time during or after a lesson.
Complete individual handouts – When students receive the lesson on their devices, they can complete individual handout activities at their own pace and use tools to interact with the content.
Participate in collaborative activities – Students can log into the teachers’ class from their devices to participate in collaborative activities including game-based activities like Monster Quiz and shared workspaces where they can complete group projects.

Student device integration

Embed YouTube videos – Search YouTube directly within SMART Notebook by opening the YouTube add-on. Once you find a video you want, add it to your lesson and resize it for your workspace.
SMART Document Camera integration – Your SMART Document Camera is integrated in SMART Notebook so you can turn everyday objects into captivating digital images that students can write on and move them with their hands.
Image gallery – In SMART Notebook, choose from over 7,000 learning objects in Gallery Essentials to enhance your lessons, including images, backgrounds, dynamic files, video and audio content.
Image search – Add images directly from Bing into your SMART Notebook lesson. Only royalty-free, age-appropriate image results will turn up.
Sound tools – Record sound directly into your lesson without switching between programs and files. You can also add sound to objects using audio files from Gallery Essentials, including famous speeches, animal sounds, phonics, instruments and more.
Pen tools – So much more than a selection of colors, the pen function in SMART Notebook includes a variety of different tools to create and emphasize content. Choose different pen types like a crayon or paintbrush, or ones that recognize hand-drawn shapes, convert handwriting to text, or let you spotlight or magnify content.
Math-specific tools
  • Geogebra provides powerful math tools for all grade levels and 55,000+ math objects and activities for geometry, algebra, calculus and statistics.
  • Equation editor lets you create and customize math equations and notations and integrates with GeoGebra, giving you an easy way to demonstrate math concepts visually.
  • SMART Blocks include addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, exponents, square root blocks. There’s also an “unknown” block where the answer is shown, and the student must figure out what operation was used.
Embed an internet browser – Add an internet browser directly into a SMART Notebook page. You can interact with the webpage by drawing or writing over the content, and drag and drop images from a webpage into your lesson.
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