Integrate AV


Extron advanced technologies create better looking images, higher quality sound, systems that are easier to control and work more reliably. Extron powerful asset management tools are helping technology professionals efficiently manage large numbers of audiovisual systems deployed throughout their enterprises and institutions.

A crucial role for all types of organisations

Extron products are purpose-built to work together, creating complete integrated technology solutions that work seamlessly with your IT infrastructure. With over 5,000 product solutions, the breadth of the Extron product line provides system designers with the flexibility to select the optimal solution for each application. All of this is backed by our exceptional support, industry recognized technology training, and the Extron Satisfaction Guarantee.

Extron technologies are used in the following key markets:

  • Corporate
  • Industrial
  • Government
  • Judicial Systems
  • Primary and Secondary Schools
  • Colleges and Universities
  • Healthcare
  • Houses of Worship
  • Retail, Entertainment and Hospitality

AV System Applications

Anywhere that audio and video technologies can be found—which is increasingly everywhere—Extron technologies play an important role in reinforcing communication, empowering learning, facilitating collaboration, and enhancing ambiance. With over 5,000 products, we’ve got the right product to fit the scale and budget of nearly any project. Every day, AV system designers and integrators around the world use Extron products to create ideal solutions for an increasingly wide range of applications and environments.

Purpose-Built Hardware Solutions

Extron products switch, distribute, stream, and control AV signals from any source to any destination while maintaining signal integrity. They are carefully engineered to provide best-in-class performance, high energy efficiency and exceptional reliability.

Each product is designed to integrate seamlessly with other products to create comprehensive AV system solutions. A thoughtful, iterative product design process ensures that all products include features and capabilities that streamline the installation process and provide intuitive operation for end users.

Purpose-Built Hardware Solutions

Extron AV control system software tools accelerate the deployment of intuitive AV control systems, while our powerful asset management applications provide an efficient method to manage and support audiovisual assets throughout a building, a campus, or the entire organisation.

Extron pioneered the development of configurable AV control systems and our Global Configurator software makes it possible to rapidly deploy powerful, intuitive control systems.

Engineering Excellence and Innovation

Digital Video

Proven technologies for maintaining signal integrity, ensuring device compatibility, overcoming content protection issues, and delivering ultra-fast switching

Energy Efficiency

Highly efficient Everlast power supplies and ENERGY STAR qualified amplifiers

AV System Control

Powerful configurable and programmable control systems and global AV resource management software

Streaming Technologies

Standards based streaming hardware and software and the patented PURE3 codec, a unique wavelet-based compression technology that provides low latency, visually lossless compression that maintains original source quality and native resolution.

Advanced Video Signal Processing

The Vector 4K scaling engine is specifically designed for critical-quality 4K imagery, with best in class image upscaling and downscaling


Patented Flat Field speaker design, CDRS technology for exceptional audio quality, and ProDSP a powerful audio DSP platform