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Vivi Wireless Presentation

Vivi is a wireless presentation and screen mirroring tool built exclusively for the education sector. It enables teachers and students to display, capture, annotate and save content in real time.

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Works on Everything

With many schools and institutions choosing a ‘bring your own device’ policy, Vivi does not discriminate.

Vivi is compatible across all devices including laptops, tablets and smartphones – and across all platforms including Apple iOS, Microsoft and Chrome.


Upcoming Features

Based on feedback from teachers, students and education administrators, an exciting pipeline of new features has been developed. It is anticipated that new version of Vivi will be released every 3-6 months.

Student Engagement Level (Sel)

Imagine if students could let their teachers know they don’t understand a key concept as it is being taught? Now imagine they could communicate their uncertainty without having to raise their hand? Soon, Vivi will enable students to discreetly alert teachers if something is unclear – allowing teachers to track individual student progress in real time using a simple student traffic light report.

Broadcast emergencies

If your school or institution faces any kind of emergency, Vivi can alert everyone at once. Every Vivi-connected device and screen will display whatever message you choose – such as evacuation or lock-down procedures – in an instant.

Automated Attendance Reports

Vivi will be able to log students’ attendance in every class automatically and produce a report, eliminating the need for teachers to manually record attendance each day.


Follow the instructions below in order to start sharing using Chromebook.


If you continue to experience technical difficulties, contact your Network Administrator for further troubleshooting assistance.

Follow the instructions below to activate Airplay on your Mac OSX device.

These instructions will also appear on your device’s screen.


By clicking the Troubleshoot button, the below instructions will appear on your device’s screen.

If you are still experiencing connection difficulties after following the above steps, contact your Network Administrator for further Troubleshooting.


102mm x 69mm x 25mm deep




5V, 3amp

Memory & Storage



1 x RJ45
2 x USB



Not at all. There are only 3 basic connections on the Vivi unit.

Firstly power, followed by the network connection and finally HDMI to the projector or screen in the room.

Students will not be able to wirelessly present unless the teacher gives them permission.

Any content that the teacher wirelessly presents to the main display, a student can simply push the ‘Capture’ button on the Vivi app. This will grab a copy on the student’s device on which they can annotate their own notes and save for later review.

Vivi will operate at its best on a 5GHz wireless network.

Yes! When launching the Vivi App, teachers and students will be prompted to confirm which learning space they are using.

Simply download the Vivi application from the website. Click on the relevant link for the device you are using – Windows, Chrome, OSX, iOS. User registration is a quick and easy once-off process. After launching the Vivi App, select ‘Sign Up’ and enter your name, email address and password.

Teachers can register and use multiple devices but can only share from one device at a time. Teachers can switch which device is on display by a single tap.


Software Downloads

Get Vivi up and running on all your devices by downloading the latest software.

Vivi for Windows
Vivi for Apple OSX
Vivi for Apple iOS
Vivi for Chrome


Get the most our of Vivi with these helpful guides.

Setup Guide
Teacher Guide
Student Guide
Vivi Brochure

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