Epson Visualisers

Epson Visualisers are a flexible presentation tool which enables users to turn their existing projector into a fully interactive Education or Business creativity tool.

Teachers can use it to demonstrate the view from a microscope, how to execute a dissection in biology class or display a historical artifact projected in beautiful detail onto the big screen.

Use it to display a lesson live to the projector screen, capture video footage or still images, or simply as a high tech replacement to an overhead projector.


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ELP-DC12 Visualiser

  • Remarkable image quality
  • Deliver powerful lessons with amazing detail
  • Future Ready connectivity
  • Microphone built in
  • Microscope Adaptor Included
  • Powerful storage capability
  • PC Free Annotation
  • Time Lapse

The ELP-DC12 has a sleek, portable and flexible design, with great security features allowing it to be permanently placed in a classroom or carried from room to room. The Visualiser has an easy-to-use interface and numerous I/O ports.

Teachers can use the ELP-DC12 to demonstrate the view from a microscope. Showing a dissection in biology class or displaying a historical artifact projected in beautiful detail onto the big screen. Use it to display a lesson live to the projector screen, capture video footage or still images, or simply as a replacement to an overhead projector. Now with bundled advanced application software, a great zoom module, and a built-in microphone, users can take advantage of features such as live annotation, video recording with audio, image capturing and the time lapse function. With Full HD (1080p) output through HDMI, lessons have never looked better.

Remarkable Image Quality

With the power of a high sensitivity 1/2.7″ CMOS Sensor, the ELP-DC12 delivers high quality, beautiful images that will bring life to classroom activities. Paired with 16x digital zoom capabilities, capturing the finest details of an object is a breeze. Even large objects are no issue for the ELP-DC12 thanks to its large, A3 sized (297 x 420 mm) capture area.

An impressive 30 frames per second ensures smooth flowing vivid live images and video captures. Demonstrating a detailed activity or task such as a biology dissection to an entire class at once on the big screen has never been so spectacular.

Simplicity of Use

Connect the ELP-DC12 to an Epson projector, and it automatically detects the projector’s native resolution, whether it’s XGA, SXGA, WXGA, 720p or 1080p and optimises output to suit. One touch auto-focus and an easy to understand control panel makes the ELP-DC12 a pleasure to use.Capturing audio along with your video or live footage is simple thanks to the built in microphone.

The ELP-DC12 can also function in split screen mode. With this functionality users can capture and display images live, from the on board memory or SD Card/USB sources to add an additional level of creativity to a lesson.
The ELP-DC12 also features an adapter which enables users to connect to a broad range of microscopes.

Powerful Storage Capability

A full 1GB of internal memory as well as an SD card slot and ability to read USB memory enables users to capture and store directly to the ELP-DC12. Store images and video to an SD card or USB Stick and use them in presentations at a later date.





ELP-DC06 Visualiser

The Epson ELP–DC06 document camera is designed to deliver flexibility, ease–of–use and affordability to the modern K–12 classroom. It is the flexible, compact and portable solution for the modern classroom.

  • XGA resolution for amazing clarity and colour
  • Large image capture area – Up to 272 x 363 mm
  • Direct connect via USB
  • Powered via USB – No need for mains power
  • Landscape or portrait image capture
  • Easy one touch focus
  • 4x digital zoom
Direct Connect Via USB

The unique design of the Epson ELP–DC06 enables it to connect directly to a range Epson projectors, without the need for a PC. And because the ELP-DC06 is powered by USB, there is no need for additional cables making the ELP–DC06 a true plug–and–play convenience!

Stylish and Portable

Weighing less than a kilogram and measuring a tiny 260mm x 76mm x 60mm when folded, the ELP–DC06 is easily transported from class to class, or packed away into a storage cupboard between lessons.

Feature Rich

Featuring XGA resolution, the ELP–DC06 captures high quality live or still images that bring lessons to life. Using the built in LED light, automatic focus, and 4X digital zoom capturing all the detail and sharing a scientific experiment, examining an historical artefact or displaying an intricate sculpture with an entire class on the big screen is a breeze.