Panasonic Electronic Whiteboards

Put an end to meetings where everyone has to take notes, written on whiteboard.
The Panasonic electronic whiteboards with built-in printer allow you to simply print your notes or directly save them as a PDF/TIFF file on PC or USB flash memory device. This makes meetings more efficient by eliminating the time spent on handwriting notes.

The low profile whiteboard body saves space, and the control panel is easy to use. Plus, the Panasonic electronic whiteboards are designed to consume as little energy as possible, even when the unit is in standby mode.

Share and Save Meeting Notes with a PC & Projector

Panaboard Overlay Software* allows you to utilize a projector to display information from your PC onto the whiteboard, while allowing you to write notes on the board. When the meetings finished, you can save these handwritten notes from the electronic whiteboard to your PC, which can then be merged with the projected image displayed from your PC as a PDF/TIFF file. Documents created with Panaboard Overlay Software can then be easily distributed to all meeting participants, eliminating the need for handwritten notes.

Save Data Directly onto a PC or USB Flash Memory for Efficient File Sharing

Save handwritten notes from the whiteboard directly onto a PC by simply using a USB cable to connect the whiteboard to a PC.
No software or device drivers required.
Panaboard UB-5338C Features
  • Share and Save Meeting Notes with a PC and Projector
  • One Board with the Writing Space of Two
  • Has a Paperless Design
  • Color Scanning and Saving of Panaboard Handwriting
  • Two File Formats and Two Media Types for Saving Data
  • Accurate Scanning of Even Faded Text
  • Digital Signage
  • Security System
  • Reminds the User to Erase the Board

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