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Cruiser Interactive Features

Next generation technology for collaborative workplaces

Cruiser Interactive partners with clients to help them discover fast, intuitive and reliable collaboration solutions that seamlessly connect audiences and stakeholders in a meaningful way. Cruiser Interactive has over 10 years experience in human-computer interaction, specialising in collaboration solutions.

Fast and informed situational awareness

Cruiser solutions ensure that decision-makers working together in multi-agency or combined capability environments are working shoulder-to-shoulder in the same connected environment. This maintains situational awareness in complex environments and enables decision-makers to perform coherently and decisively during emergency coordination.

Collaboration made simple

Cruiser specialises in collaboration solutions for large touch screens in meeting rooms, operations centres, and complex sales environments. Our technology platform enables collaborators to work side-by-side around shared surfaces, fluidly exchanging information to foster creativity and productivity.

Immersive presentation environments

Cruiser’s technology enables immersive presentation, where content can be fluidly moved between devices in the room or remotely. Operations centres can operate more efficiently with key information being distributed immediately. Sales environments can provide customers with a connected and engaging sales experience.

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