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Cruiser Interactive Features

Next generation technology for collaborative workplaces​

Cruiser Interactive partners with clients to help them discover fast, intuitive and reliable collaboration solutions that seamlessly connect audiences and stakeholders in a meaningful way. Cruiser Interactive has over 10 years experience in human-computer interaction, specialising in collaboration solutions.

Collaboration made simple

Cruiser specialises in collaboration solutions for large touch screens in meeting rooms, operations centers, and complex sales environments. Our technology platform enables collaborators to work side-by-side around shared surfaces, fluidly exchanging information to foster creativity and productivity.

Fast and informed situational awareness

Cruiser solutions ensure that decision-makers working together in multi-agency or combined capability environments are working shoulder-to-shoulder in the same connected environment. This maintains situational awareness in complex environments and enables decision-makers to perform coherently and decisively during emergency coordination.

Immersive presentation environments

Cruiser’s technology enables immersive presentation, where content can be fluidly moved between devices in the room or remotely. Operations centres can operate more efficiently with key information being distributed immediately. Sales environments can provide customers with a connected and engaging sales experience.

Cruiser collaboration platform, collaboration made simple

Cruiser Collaborate enables access to information from a variety of sources, in a dynamic and engaging environment. Flick your content to surrounding screens, walls and tables for immersive collaboration – across the room or across the world.

Key Features of Cruiser Collaborate

Cruiser Collaborate Other Features


Use with a wide range of touch or stylus hardware and operating systems


Customised industry applications


Mark up changes and share


Flick documents from one surface to another anywhere in the world


Save money and rejuvenate existing hardware


High performance and fluid interaction


Web-based content management to personalise your apps


Available for business, education and entertainment


Touch and gesture interface


Your content including images, documents, videos seamlessly

Solutions for emergency and crisis management​

Cruiser revolutionises information sharing in emergency response

Cruiser Collaborate enables access to information from a variety of sources, in a Australian emergency response and crisis management control rooms are modernising their technology infrastructure and using Cruiser Interactive solutions to save time and lives.

Functionality for meeting/operations room collaboration can be tailored to your needs

Operation Rooms

Command & Control Centre

Business Apps​


Collaborate, research, and take notes in team meetings


Present content thrown from another Cruiser screen


Use Cruiser as a digital whiteboard in team meetings


Present information in an engaging wall display


Collaboratively brainstorm ideas about a topic


Browse your company’s intranet site


Assemble your content into a
multi-level information exhibit

Solutions for Sales and Marketing

Present content like never before

Impress your clients in new ways. Combining the power of the Cruiser platform with the flexibility to control how your content is displayed, Cruiser Explore enables you to simply build impressive applications for a variety of purposes.

Spark a meaningful conversation to improve sales conversion rates. Bring your product and marketing collateral to life. Have visitors explore through the content (kiosk) or give a collaborative presentation, immersing them in a memorable experience.

Key Features of Cruiser Explore

Entertainment Apps


Collaboratively browse your photo collection


Watch TED talks for inspiration


Search flickr’s vast collections of photos


Listen to music while using your Cruiser system


Watch online videos


Try your luck at this popular casino game

Solutions for Education

Flipping the classroom with Cruiser

Cruiser Interactive is the ideal technology partner to the modern flipped classroom. The seamless and intuitive cross platform sharing and annotation of content allows students and educators to bring ideas together, discuss ideas and create new concepts.

The flipped classroom movement is dramatically changing the face of education by taking advantage of the web to deliver information to students online, freeing up the classroom for interactive activities to build higher level skills in the critiquing, creation and application of knowledge.

Group assignments require students to work together in producing a coherent common outcome. Cruiser Interactive helps students to brainstorm their approach and distribute workloads while maintaining high levels of awareness as to the progress and emergent ideas from other members of the team.

Information and content is instantly available to all members of the team, who have a chance to comment and provide feedback and assistance to maintain the group momentum. Teaching and facilitation staff can quickly pick up on ideas developed by students during group work and bring them to attention of the rest of the class to enhance the learning experience.

With Cruiser Interactive the flipped classroom becomes a key resource for enabling group work. Large multi-user touch tables and interactive white boards form the heart of the collaborative experience where students gather around and collaborate with their creative content.

Content is seamlessly shared between the students’ mobile devices, tablets and computers so that the collaborative experience draws in content and radiates it back out to the students’ technology platform of choice.

Education Apps​


Collaborate, research, and take notes in team meetings


Present content thrown from another Cruiser screen


Use Cruiser as a digital whiteboard in team meetings

Poster Creator

Collaboratively assemble posters using multimedia


Collaboratively brainstorm ideas about a topic

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