CommBox Interactive TouchScreens

  • Commercial grade LED panels
  • Available in FHD 1920 x 1080p & UHD 4K
  • 4mm high toughened anti-glare glass
  • Multi-touch technology with gesture recognition
  • High grade camera touch technology
  • Sleek slimline design
  • Fast response
  • Long life span
  • Low energy
  • No drivers
  • No calibration
  • Designed in Australia

CommBox Classic

The Robust & Popular Touch Screen

commbox-classic-paralax-image-wideThe current Classic range has been further developed and now features stylish rounded corners, improved sound quality, increased inputs and an even sharper image.


CommBox ProPlus

ProPlus adds capacitive touch feature with stylish slim design and a 55″ Ultra HD 4K with sharp and vibrant colours.

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CommBox Kiosk

Ideal for Retail Environments

Available in 32″, 42″ & 46″ Full HD

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CommBox Pulse

Captivate and feed active participation with the CommBox Interactive Pulse Touchscreen. Brighter, sharper images, and frictionless, intuitive interactivity. Available in 65″.

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Why replace existing projectors with Interactive LED Touchscreens?

CommBox Screens are so advanced, they do not need calibration or drivers to start with. No more changing the costly lamp, no shadowing and they are environmentally friendly using less energy, have longer life span and cost less to install. They are versatile can be mounted to wall or use as free standing display.

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CommBox Interactive Table

Discover new ways to interact

Available in 32″, 42″& 46″ short and tall tables

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CommBox Lectern

The CommBox Lectern is dressed to impress with its sleek design and ease of use.

With the CommBox Lectern you can present with confidence. Possess complete control over your visual presentation whilst maintaining eye contact with your audience.

The CommBox Lectern has all the technology built-in, so that you the integrator or presenter..Look Good. The 6” touchscreen Joey control system allows you to directly control devices and to simply send commands such as, ‘Present On’; or switch sources.

An all-in-one multimedia processor incorporates VGA, video, sound and USB switching, a mic mixer and a stereo amplifier so the lectern can be used either by itself or as part of a larger system.

CommBox Control

Many years ago… classroom technology was easy to operate. It was simply a blackboard and chalk. Nowadays teachers have to master the operation of such items as computers, interactive whiteboards, DVD players, sound systems, video streaming products and so on.

The CommBox range of wall mounted control units simplify, standardise and streamline the use of technology in the classroom. When CommBox is installed, anyone can operate all of the equipment in the classroom, first time – every time, without training or lists of instructions.

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For more information or to request DEMO call us on 1800 742 748

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