Collaboration Made Easy

Improving meeting dynamics and reaching decisions faster are two of the main challenges in meeting rooms today.

Barco’s ClickShare collaboration technologies gets all participants more involved by giving everybody the opportunity to share content at the click of a button.

Whether you are using a laptop PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone or Android-powered device, you can present your content on the central meeting room screen in the most simple and intuitive way possible.


Connect the ClickShare Button and start the application.


Click to show your laptop screen on the large meeting room display.


Share your content with the other meeting participants.

Bring your own device, and get the most out of it

As tablets and smartphones have made their entry into meeting rooms, business data is no longer restricted to laptops. In this bring your own device (BYOD) spirit, Barco developed an app for iOS and Android, expanding meeting effectiveness to mobile devices.

The app allows you to share static content, including PDF files, pictures and screenshots. On iOS devices (iPhones and iPads), you can even share your Microsoft Office documents. And in addition to your device’s library, you can share from the cloud as well..

If the ClickShare Button is the heart of the ClickShare system, then the Base Unit is the brain. This processing unit receives the wireless stream from the Buttons and makes sure it is reproduced in the right way.

To allow you to choose the most suitable Base Unit for your meeting room, Barco offers the CSM Base Unit, and when more features and resolution are required the CSC is the recommended base unit.

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