AstralVision Interactive Touch Panels

AstralVision AVSA series feature 4K Ultra HD resolution and include an upgraded Android Operating System. These backlit LED displays provide the sharpest and clearest image, ideal for the applications where the finer details matter.

Lightweight & Robust Design

Packed with the latest learning software, Snowflake & RM Easiteach

Improve educational outcomes for pupils, teachers & the school


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Making it Relevant – Telling a Story

MultiTeach adds interactivity to blended and project based learning with Zones and Lessons Online. Brainstorm by uploading images and text from your smartphone using Snowflake Remote.

Student Creation on Mobile

Lessons Online is the only EdTech tool that enables the creation of active multitouch lessons right on any mobile phone using content directly from your camera roll.

Providing the Right Scaffolds

Every age and subject has different needs, MultiTeach offers a unique configurator that allows the Teacher to select the appropriate scaffolds of both tools and content for their classroom.

Personalized Learning your way!

Snowflake MultiTeach enables learners to choose the learning materials that work best for them different content and activities in each zone.

Lessons Online

Students and teachers can now easily and quickly create engaging, and relevant activities using Lessons Online on any device, anywhere, and anytime.

The Lessons Online active learning ecosystem allows teachers to share their lessons on the MultiTeach Lessons Community and use their lessons in Tabletop mode over a large interactive display with Snowflake MultiTeach®.

MultiTeach Supports

  • Blended/Flipped: Activities during class
  • Project based learning: Create an adventure with Lesson Lists
  • Concept mapping: Organize relevant content in Nodes
  • Problem based learning: Supports truly independent inquiry in Zones
  • Multiple means of presentation: Of learning content and activities
  • Digital curation: By students and teachers
  • Learning stations: For small groups in upright and tabletop settings
  • STEAM labs, Maker Spaces: With active content and mobile creation
  • Teacher professional development: With online courses and videos


Snowflake Remote

Snowflake Remote is a free tool that allows you to connect your iOS or Android device, such as your phone or tablet, to Snowflake.


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Full Specifications: AVSU 65″ | 75″ | 86″