Smart Workplace

With wireless screen sharing, wePresent is your wireless corporate technology solution.

Wireless Screen Sharing

The wePresent unit connects to any video display via an HDMI or VGA connection, allowing for wireless screen sharing from any device. Eva’s company has outfitted all of their conference rooms with a wePresent WiPG-1000 mounted to the wall behind the television.

Let’s Take A Tour

Matthew is ready to start his day using the wePresent wireless presentation system, and in 3-simple steps he knows that his team will be wirelessly projecting and ready to give their interactive presentations.

1. Connect to the network

Matthew’s first step is to make sure all of his staff’s devices are connected to the company’s network. When his vendor arrives, he will give her access to their guest network or simply let her log into the wePresent as a wireless access point.

2. Launch the Software or App

Matthew’s company has a BYOD policy, so his staff will load wePresent’s MirrorOp software on any Mac or PC or install the MirrorOp Presenter app on their mobile devices. Since his vendor is just coming in for one presentation, he can run the MirrorOp client software directly from wePresent’s plug-and-play USB token.

3. Give your presentation

Now, Matthew launches the MirrorOp software on his own laptop and begins wireless screen sharing. WePresent allows up to 64-users to connect to the presentation system, so now Matthew’s morning meeting is turned into a wireless and seamless collaboration.

Starting An Interactive Presentation Is Simple

Once the wePresent WiPG is connected to your local area network, your users simply connect to the network as usual. If the wePresent wireless access point is enabled, then your guests can simply connect to wePresent’s WiFi signal. Then just simply launch the wePresent software and start your wireless presentation.


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