Smart Classroom

K-12 and higher education. wePresent is an affordable, feature-rich classroom technology solution.

Classroom Technology Solution

Recent developments in education, triggered by movements such as the Scale-Up project, have forced schools to rethink the design of their classrooms and created a need for new and innovative classroom technology solutions. With its stability and ease of use, the wePresent wireless presentation gateway is the perfect device to deploy across universities and K-12 classrooms.


Why wePresent for your Smart Classroom?

  • Allows wireless 1080p HD presentations
  • Works with ANY device (PC, Mac, iOS, Android)
  • Conference control gives the teacher full control
  • Adheres to strict security standards
  • Doubles as a wireless access point
  • Integrates with SMARTboards and touchscreens
  • Eliminates the needs for additional equipment

wePresent In The Classroom

The wePresent wireless presentation system is a true BYOD-enabled classroom technology solution. Compatible with PC, Mac, iOS, and Android, wePresent allows students to give interactive presentations, collaborate, annotate onscreen, or participate in classroom discussions from their own computer, tablet or mobile device.

Education Standards and Features

With an abundance of IT network settings, wePresent easily adapts to a school’s rigorous security environment. There’s a built-in wireless access point that can be enabled, as well as additional security features such as a 4-digit randomly-generated access code, enterprise-level encryption and an onboard gatekeeper option.


Important wePresent Education Features

  • Conference Control (allows moderator control)
  • Sidepad Control (control PC from a mobile device)
  • Interactive Whiteboard and Onscreen Annotation
  • Wireless Access Point (802.11 b/g/n)
  • Full Video Streaming (30fps)
  • Compatible with Touchscreens and SmartTech