wePresent AirPad



A USB pen/pad device that allows users a smoother way to annotate over presentations.

The wePresent AirPad works in conjunction with either the WiPG-1500 or the WiPG-2000, both of which offer our interactive features like onscreen annotation or the interactive whiteboard.

If you are using the Enhanced Browser Slides feature found on the WiPG-2000, then your users can see and save your annotation back to their own device.

AirPad Specifications

Standards Wireless 2.4G RF
Maximum 7~10 meters
Active Area (WxD) 5″ x 3″
resolution 4000 LPI
Report Rate 165 RPS
Reading Height 10 mm
LED Indicator 1 LED
Power Consumption 0.35 w
Dimensions (WxDxH) 194 x 190 x 18.5 mm
Weight 359 g